POSITION:Sales Rep-CQL-Qingzhou-SG20-21

DEPARTMENT:CQL Distribution, Sales & Marketing

REPORTS TO:Regional Sales Manager

LOCATION:Qingzhou, China

FACILITY:Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd


Job Purpose:

As a regional sales representative, your role is to enhance SEM dealer sales coverage to achieve the annual business plan and PINS target in its territories. Your goals are to improve market awareness & industry forecasting, understand customer needs and competitor trends, increase dealer sales participation & closure rate by implementing customer segmentscoverage strategy, enhancing SEM value proposition and brand awareness improvement. You will also be responsible for dealer sales process or procedure execution  improvement.

销售代表主要负责增强本区域代理商渠道覆盖,完成年度业务目标和市场占有率;并负责改善市场认知,行业预测,并了解客户 需求和竞争趋势,增加销售参与率和成交率,通过行业细分市场覆盖的推进,推广产品价值体现和客户认知度。销售代表同时负 责对代理商销售过程管理能力提升。

Job Responsibilities:

• PINS and Business Plan realization
• 占有率和销售计划的实现和方案
• Consignment machines management
• 样机管理
• Sales Variance management in your territory through merchandising programs
• 销售费用管理、区域商务政策管理
• SEM brand awareness and related promotion activities
• 山工机械品牌推广和促销活动
• Improve dealers sales capabilities and sales coverage
• 提高代理商销售能力和覆盖网络
• Sales Rolling forecast
• 销售滚动预测
• SEM products value realization
• 山工机械产品价值的实现

Background /Experiences:

• Thorough knowledge of construction machinery products knowledge or product applications
• 熟悉工程机械产品知识或者产品应用
• Related market development experience
• 有相关市场开拓经验
• Strong understanding of dealer operations
• 熟悉代理商运营
• College/university degree or equivalent experience
• 大专及以上学历
• 8 years of sales experience
• 8年销售经验
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• 优异的人际关系和沟通技巧