POSITION:Supplier Development Engineer –CQL –Qingzhou

DEPARTMENT:Operation Group

REPORTS TO:Purchasing Supervisor

LOCATION:Qingzhou, China

FACILITY:Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Ltd


Job Purpose:

This position is mainly responsible for working withfunctionalteam onidentifyingright supplier andconducting daily supplier performance management in terms of QCLDM and supplier relationship management,andalso collaborating withfunctionalteam for continuous improvementtomaintainanddevelopsupplier’s capability for meetingbusiness needs.
该职位主要负责选择恰当的供应商,以及日常针对供应商QCLDM方面绩效管理,供应 商关系管理, 并与其他多功能团队合作维护和开发供应商的能力, 满足业务需求

Job Responsibilities:

• Be responsiblefor marketresearch and understandingsupplier base
• 负责供应商调查, 了解供应商群体
• Be responsiblefor RFQandcost achieve right cost
• 负责日常询价和成本分析以获得争取的成本
• Be responsible for conductingAPQP/PPAP for new partsandrelatedchanges.
• 负责用APQP/PPAP 方法论导入新 零件
• Be responsible for supplier performancemanagement onkeyareas of quality/delivery/cost.
• 供应商绩效管理
• Periodically havingonsite audit at supplier for keycomponents toensurestableprocesscontrol.
• 供应商零部件工 艺流程审核确保工艺流程的保证
• Be responsible for supplier capacityplanningtomeet business growth.
• 供应商产能分析和整改措施跟踪落实

Background /Experiences:

• Bachelor degree or above and the major is mechanics series.
• 本科学历或以上,机械行业
• 3 + years of experiences in machinery industry
• 3年以上工程机械行业工作经验 •Have excellence communication skills and cooperation abilities, can solve problems timely based on accurate analysis.
• 沟通能力强, 分析和解决问题的能力,
• Be honest and integrity, brave to take responsibility, work hard and be good at teamwork.
• 诚实正直,承担责任,努力工作, 团队合作态度
• Be active to make progress, be interested in study new knowledge, have positive work attitude, can use the 2D and 3D drawing software proficiently, can use the CBS system.
• 乐于接受新的知识, 积极工作态度,能够使用2D和3D 图纸软件,使用CBS系统
• Have English communication ability
• 英语沟通能力